where music, word and image meet

Julia Barnes, artistic direction and production:

Facetten van de Kunst (Facets of the Arts) brings musicians and creative artists of all disciplines together. These fruitful collaborations bring forth compositions, visual art, storytelling and the written word—and inspired performances of music, played by musicians from the richly diverse Dutch musical community.

Our products:

Facetten programs have been sought out by festivals such as Dordtmonumenteel, Festival van Vlaanderen, en the concert series Kasteelconcerten Kennemerland.
Facetten’s new home base in Zaandam opens up new possibilities of collaboration with artists and musicians, extending the project reach beyond Amsterdam. Composer Claudia Rumondor is among the first of the Zaanse creatives to contact Facetten, and we look forward to a joint project in the not-so-distant future.

Facetten performances are informal and intimate events that take place in unusual locations: historic churches, a warehouse, a restaurant with a striking view of ships crossing the IJ, the terrace of a café on a dike. The combination of music and another art form in an unexpected setting forges a connection between audience, performers, and artists, who often mingle with an after-concert drink.