Das Leben, das ich selbst gewählt (The life that I chose myself)


für Gesang und Klavier / for voice and piano
12 pages

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Performed the 10th of April 2016, in the ‘Zentrum für Kunst und Musik’ of the Augsburg University, with tenor Dominik Wortig, accompanied by Eduard de Boer.



Das Leben, das ich selbst gewählt (The life I chose myself) is a poem generally attributed to Hermann Hesse, even though his authorship hasn’t been confirmed. Its subject is the soul’s acceptance of a new life path, with all its ups and downs, before incarnating again. It is a poem that can gave much solace during difficult times to people who – as I do – believe in the concept and the universal function of karma and reincarnation.

I got to know this beautiful poem thanks to Sabine McNeill, who earlier this year posted it on one of her blogs. Sabine Kurjo McNeill has been indefatigable as a campaigner to expose forced adoptions or child snatching by the British Government – as can be seen in this Youtube video:

Forced Adoption Exposed ~ EU Parliament March 2014 Sabine K McNeil (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0tLimJ-pdE)

Fate, or Schicksal, the German word used in the poem’s last stanza, made her a spokeswoman in the now infamous Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse case, where two children claim to have been raped multiple times by no less then dozens of adults of a satanic cult, and to have witnessed the ritual killing of babies. As a result of her standing up against these and similar crimes, which appear to be widespread, not least in ‘high circles’ of society, she saw herself forced to flee Britain. When she finally returned, she had to promise the authorities not to publish anything about this case anymore on penalty of being arrested.

Anyone who does an in-depth internet search on the words satanic ritual abuse can hardly come to any other conclusion than that this phenomenon is real, even if it is hard to take in the graphic details, which are difficult to believe. On Youtube alone, there are by now at the very least hundreds of documentaries, witness accounts, etc., always amounting to very similar horrific stories, and always pointing to the same: the existence of a large global network of powerful people who indulge in satanic rituals whereby children are sexually abused and killed. Here is just one example:

Institutional child abuse (www.youtube.com/watch?v=69TtyKith_M)

(A compilation of many similar testimonies, the Hampstead SRA case being among them, each of which may be difficult to believe. The cumulative effect of all of these stories, however, is compelling.)

The outcome, furthermore, always appears to be the same, too: the story is covered up by the authorities. The Hampstead SRA case is no exception.

I set this poem to music with the intention of underlining the solace it offers. To Sabine McNeil, to whom this composition has been dedicated; to anyone who feels that the purpose of the multiple incarnations of earth life is to develop one’s soul; and last but not least to the many victims of satanic child abuse, more and more of whom are now publicly speaking out. They are all aiding in the slow but unstoppable process of Coming to Light (title of another recent composition of mine about this subject) what is going on, which is the first stage towards stopping it. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that this will be accomplished.

Eduard de Boer, November 23, 2015


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