Devil’s Dance


Inspired by the Norwegian Folk Melody Fanitullen

Digital score with pdf of:

Euphonium and piano
Solo Euphonium – Part in C, Treble Clef
Solo Euphonium – Part in C, Bass Clef
Solo Euphonium – Part in Bb, Treble Clef

Preview of the score



According to legend, the Norwegian folk tune Fanitullen was invented by the devil himself. When played properly, and in combination with ample amounts of alcohol, it is said to have the power to arouse such fury in men, that they will start quarrelling and fighting to the death.

Normally, the tune is played on a Hardanger fiddle, a national string instrument that allegedly has hypnotic powers. The euphonium however, definitely has truly diabolical powers, too, when played properly, and in my view, this makes the instrument exceptionally apt for rendering the Fanitullenmelody.

Both my adaptation of the tune and the accompaniment are meant to underline an ever increasing state of frenzy.

Alexander Comitas, April 4, 2012


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